Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sweet Little Things

I don't feel beautiful most days. Normally, I barely squeeze in a shower before throwing my hair up into a bun or ponytail and going about my day. Makeup is normally minimal. When I do wear earrings, they are simple studs. Maybe a pair of hoops if I'm feeling dangerous (my kids love to attempt to pull my earrings out while I hold them). My attire is workout gear 90% of the time since those are my version of  "play clothes" - items I do not worry about soiling while out with the very, very dirty children. Functional? Yes. Beautiful? No.

However, I am so blessed to have children who feel the need to tell me I'm beautiful every single day.  My husband already does that, but he doesn't really count because that's his job (sorry honey!). But the kids are so blunt and so pure in their thoughts that you know they firmly believe it when they say it! After I am done dressing for the day and come downstairs, Matthew always tells me: "Mommy, you look beautiful today!" Emma, while watching me apply a bit of makeup, likes to cheer me on: "My Mommy is so beautiful!"

Matthew has also been known to serenade me with One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful." Emma, after putting on a pretty dress or adorning herself with jewelry, will declare: "I look beautiful! Like Mommy!"

They're the sweetest little people, I'm telling you.

"Leave me alone!!" That's what Lucy's thinking.

Even the sweetest of siblings are capable of much mischief and teasing when it comes to their little baby sister. The other day, I let Matthew hold Lucy so I could do a few chores. When I got back into the room, he had outfitted her with a tiny plastic cowboy hat. He thought that was the most hilarious thing. Poor Lucy was not quite as amused.

"Stop Taking a Picture and HELP me, Woman!"

Emma, on the other hand, is a little more violent in her teasing and can never be trusted alone with the baby. She has developed the habit of gently trying to touch Lucy's eyeball while singing super obnoxiously: "Loo-SEE-AHHH!! Wittle Loo-see-AHHH!" Last week, Lucy was diagnosed with conjunctivitis. I wonder how she could have possibly contracted that...

Matthew and Emma also save some of that teasing and mischievous behavior for one another. Paul and I were mattress shopping the other day - finally biting the bullet and getting a new one after dealing with a sink hole in the middle of our bed for the past three years! We were up at our local Sam's Club of all places and the kids were having a blast helping us lay down on all the different mattress options. Well, one of the mattresses was set up next to the TV and electronics and one of the high-definitions televisions was playing Big Hero 6. So, Matthew decided to lie down on this particular mattress so he could watch the television while Paul and I discussed our options. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Emma suddenly get this ridiculously evil look in her eye and tiptoe towards her unaware brother. She climbed up on the mattress, gently sneak up behind him, and then she bodyslammed him, using every bit of her 30-something pounds of pure lard.

"Ahhh! EMMA! STOP!" Matthew cried as mighty Emma began to wrap her legs around his neck and hold his arms down. Pretty soon, the two of them were nothing more than a tangle of arms and legs rolling all over the mattress. We eventually had to break up the wrestling match that ensued before someone called security (or at least before one of them catapulted off the mattress and split their head open!). Needless to say, our in-store mattress browsing ended there and we ended up ordering an untested mattress online. Fingers crossed that it actually works out.

So, I guess the point of this pointless post is that there is never a dull moment with these ridiculously sweet little people all about!

Lucy is really not into taking pictures quite yet.


  1. Awwwww...you have sweet kids (besides maybe the in-store wrestling matches)! I've had Luke poke my thigh and say "yuck!". I'd much rather take what you get! =)

  2. Matthew and Emma seem to be totally enthralled with their new sister. I'm sure they will have their moments, but that's nice to see.