Friday, June 27, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: It's Almost July?

We hope your Friday has been just peachy! I'm linking up with Jen and all the rest for another edition of Seven Quick Takes!

1. One week ago, I let Emma have a sip of my coffee. Now, every morning since, she has been begging to drink from my coffee mug. Those familiar with her brother's long love affair with coffee will understand the significance of this. I just might have another coffee-addicted child on my hands. When Matthew saw me giving Emma a sip of coffee he began to scold: "No, no, Emma! Coffee is not for babies!" Says the kid whose first word was "coffee".

2. Matthew has really been into reciting everyone's full name - first, middle, and last. Then he realized that his Monkey did not have a middle name. So, my creative son has officially named is favorite stuffed friend "Monkey Brown". At least he is consistent in his nomenclature - he also named his goldfish "orange fish".

3. Matthew has a girlfriend. He met a little three-year-old named Tempie at the YMCA and the two have been lovebirds ever since. They are inseparable. Her grandmother brings her to the Y around the same time I bring my kids so they have been playing together for weeks now. Each time they are reunited, they both cry out "MY FRIEND!" and then proceed to hug and dance about. I've seen them holding hands while watching a movie together and coloring the same picture at the art table. True love.

4. Meet "Poofie". He's the little stuffed puppy Emma has been carrying around in order to copy how Matthew carries Monkey everywhere. She wakes up hugging it and has been taking it for car and stroller rides all week. We'll see how long she keeps this up before moving on to another toy.

5. Matthew and I finished his first 500 piece puzzle yesterday. It was a headache. He started out strong - helping find and put together all the border pieces and fill in about 1/2 of the puzzle before getting tired and frustrated. "This puzzle is TOO HARD, Mom!" he said with anguish. I had to majorly encourage him to help me with the rest of it. Paul came home to find us both frustrated trying to finish the last bit of it. It was a family effort by the end, but we finished it. And now I am never, ever taking it apart - we are gluing it and framing it because the picture is really gorgeous. Unfortunately, we bought it as a set and now have three other 500 piece puzzles just waiting for us to put together. Matthew has already forgotten his frustration and has been begging me to start a new puzzle. I might need a couple weeks before we do that again.

6. Our cat has been dragging dead mice still attached to the mousetrap that killed them. This is how a cat who is afraid of his own shadow hunts.

7. My parents are the best! They are coming over tomorrow to stay and watch our little munchkins for a couple days so Paul and I can have a little getaway. We are in dire need of it - Paul has been working so much lately that I feel we barely have a moment together. We're looking forward to having a 2-day long, completely kid-free date! Although I'm sure I'll start missing them the second we drive away. It's funny how two tiny little people can grate on your nerves while simultaneously tugging on your heart strings.

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