Friday, June 6, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: A Bike, a Cranky, and a Monkey Slipper

1. I'm already convinced the best purchase we have ever made was our Burley Bee Bike Trailer. I keep it hooked up to my bike so I can take the kids for a spin whenever I feel like it and it has been so much fun. They love getting pulled like royalty. The only annoying part is that it is super hard to go uphill because it feels like I'm pulling a sail. While I'm slowly climbing the tall hill leading up to our house, Matthew can be heard yelling: "Faster, Mommy! Faster!"

2. The biggest drawback of the bike carrier is that Matthew and Emma have to sit close together without fighting. This has been a bit testy since Matthew and Emma are beginning to fight more and more. To illustrated my point, the other morning Matthew walked up to a very grumpy Emma to show her the picture he had just colored. She gave him a blank look and then swiftly grabbed the picture from him, tore it into four large pieces, and then stuck one of the pieces in her mouth to chew on. Matthew was too stunned to react immediately but soon recovered from his shock and knocked Emma over. Emma picked herself up and lunged at Matthew, screaming wildly. Then Matthew pushed her away, also screaming. I assumed my role as referee and broke up the battle before they killed each other. Repeat this type of scenario about fifty times and you have a typical day with the two of them.

3. Hosting a cooking class for four little ones? So much fun. We made three loaves of banana bread. Shortly afterwards, they ate three loaves of banana bread.

4. Emma has begun a morning routine of checking her email. I think she might be picking this habit up from me since drinking a large mug of coffee while reading email is part of my morning ritual. I'm just waiting for her to start asking for the coffee.

5. Matthew has been begging me to build the "Cranky the Crane" character from Thomas and Friends. He spied a craft in a magazine that my parents bequeathed him over Christmas. We finally gathered all the materials and proceeded to build our Cranky. It was a little more tedious than I anticipated mainly because the magazine simply listed everything needed for the craft along with a picture of the final product. There was no other directions on how exactly everything is supposed to fit together without collapsing. Matthew was actually fairly helpful and did all the painting himself (with the exception of some minor touch-up here and there). We figured it out and Matthew has been happily playing with his cardboard Cranky. Emma has been eyeing Cranky all week but we have been very careful to keep it out of her reach because she would surely destroy it!

6. Emma hates all the hats I have been sticking on her head. She always rips them off ferociously. Despite her protests, I am adamant that she wear one when we're out in the full sun. She truly does not know what's best for herself. After all, this is the same little girl who tries to eat sunscreen every chance she gets.

7. Matthew is sitting here with me as I type these up and insists that I take a picture of the monkey slippers  he is wearing to share with you all. They are way too small but he still shoves his feet into them every morning. Now aren't you glad he shared with you all?

A lame way to end, for sure. Head on over to Jen's site for more quick takes. And have an excellent weekend!!

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