Friday, September 6, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Catching Up

"You're not the only one in need of coffee in the morning, MOM!"

It seems like it has been a crazy long time since I have added anything new to this little blog! But there are plenty of reasons for that....we have been traveling like crazy! Here is a quick rundown on some of the random happenings of the past couple weeks.


We just returned from our vacation to Michigan. The gray hairs I gave myself by fretting about the gloomy weather forecast were completely unnecessary as the weather turned out to be gorgeous for our entire trip. I need to learn to stop putting so much emotion into the weather forecast and just go with it.


We discovered some really delicious new food combinations on our trip. Paul and I were dorks and took notes on the various components so we can try to recreate the dishes at home. One of my favorite appetizers was a flatbread covered with brie, candied walnuts, thinly sliced apples, arugula, and honey. Delicious! Oh, and Paul had a dish with goat cheese - and LIKED IT! It was a beet salad with whipped goat cheese and an ice wine gastrique. That dish is also on the "must try soon" list.


We definitely had eggs and toast for dinner two nights in a row after returning from vacation. That's what you get for cleaning out the refrigerator before leaving and not feeling quite up to grocery shopping after returning.


I think Matthew is completely potty trained! I'm still keeping my fingers crossed, but we have had no accidents. Last Saturday, Paul and I woke up bright and early to the sound of Matthew rushing into the bathroom down the hall and using it. Paul grabbed my hand and whispered: "Isn't that wonderful?" I squeezed his hand excitedly back before stopping to think about how much our perspective of what defines "wonderful" has changed since we became parents.


Speaking of Matthew, at a restaurant the other night, Paul and I were deep in conversation and unwisely ignoring Matthew (I thought he was happily munching away). In the two minutes we were completely preoccupied, he unscrewed the salt shaker, opened several sugar packets, and poured them into the shaker because "we need more salt."



On Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending my college roommate's bridal shower. It was such a lovely afternoon filled with great food and conversation. Her family was so welcoming and it was such a pleasure to be included in the occasion. I'm really looking forward to their wedding in October! Baby Emma made friends with my roommate's nephew who is 8 months older. They shared a moment on the floor where they spent a bit of time exploring one another's feet. Too cute!


The downside of all that driving over the past couples weeks: displaced ribs. My have three ribs on my right side that have completely slid out of place causing me a lot of pain, discomfort and bruising. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be any short term fix to this problem. Just a lot of physical therapy, rest, and probably a new mattress for our bed.

Baby Emma looks rightfully worried to have Matthew hovering above her. 
Starting tomorrow, I should be getting back into a regular blogging groove with more pictures and recipes. In the meantime, please head on over to Conversion Diary to check out more quick takes!

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