Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Five Favorites: Kid Quotes

Emma gave herself a little bit of a Harry Potter scar in her sleep one night.

This year, I volunteered to teach religious education to 2nd graders at my parish. Although we are only a few weeks into the school year, the class so far has proved to be both challenging and rewarding. My kids have an endless amount of energy - to the point where I seem to have a lot of trouble getting them to quiet down. One person mentions that they went to the beach that summer and all of a sudden the WHOLE ROOM starts chiming and yelling: "ME TOO!" However, these kids are so curious and ready to learn about their faith. They act pretty engaged during each lesson and that alone has been extremely rewarding for me. Plus, since they are so darn chatty, they are always up for answering questions and participating in the activities I plan.

In honor of my 2nd grade kiddos, I am dedicating this edition of five favorites to some of the best lines I have heard from kids in my RE class (so far). As usual, this post will be linked up with all the other lovelies over at Moxie Wife. Of course, this post will be interspersed with random pictures of my kiddos.


Baby Emma is normally watched by a sitter while I am in class, but one day she was being particularly fussy so I brought her into the classroom with me. One of the little boys in my class comes up to me and asks: "Is that your baby or did you just take her from a real mom?"


"Are you older than my Mom? Because my Mom is really old. Like 80 or something."

This comment may or may not have made me consider buying some of that anti-wrinkle cream.


Kid: "Why do we have to be good?"
Me: "Because we want to show God that we love him and we also want to go to heaven someday."
Kid: "Heaven? I just want to go to Chuck E. Cheese."

Matthew is in the preschool religious education class. Unfortunately, he likes to draw on the desk with the markers and has a hard time staying seated in his chair. But he does now know all the words to "Jesus Loves Me" so he is learning something!


Me: "One way we can show God how much we love him is by taking care of his creation. This can be taking care of animals, tending to our gardens, and making sure that we do not leave trash laying around."
Kid: "Then what do we pay the trash man for if we gotta pick it up?"


Kid: I hit my little sister last week so Mom put me in the corner.
Me: Oh that wasn't good. I'm sure you said you were sorry and will try very hard to not do it again.
Kid: Nope. She deserved it. You have no idea what it's like living with her. I even told my Mom that and then she made me stay in the corner longer.


  1. Oh man, You should hear the comments some of my 7th graders come up with...

  2. Oh my goodness, these are hilarious! And your little ones are too cute! What sweet peas!