Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Five Favorites: Matthew Says

Believe it or not, Paul and I used to be concerned that Matthew did not talk enough.

Now, he won't STOP! He chatters and titters away all day long. He is endlessly spewing off random little tidbits, observations, and words of affirmation. It is not unusual for him to come up to me while I am obviously busy and simply stand there chanting: "Mommy....Mommy?....Mommy?...Mommy?...I love you...Mommy...I love you...Mommy? I love you...I kiss you?..." etc.

Despite the sweet sentiment behind his words, there are times where I am just about ready to rip my ears out so I don't have to listen to him. Of course, then I start thinking that there will come a day where I'll miss this little phase and try my best to enjoy it. But I'll be honest, that does not really seem to be working for me.

This edition of Five Favorites is dedicated to some of the funny things Matthew has randomly said over the past week.


Matthew has been really into recognizing the different letters of the alphabet so Paul has been trying to introduce him to the concept of reading/spelling with small words.

Paul: What letter is this, Matthew?
Matthew: H!
Paul: And this one?
Matthew: O!
Paul: And this last one?
Matthew: T!
Paul: And what does that spell?
Matthew: Sombrero!

Obviously, it's going well.


Over our morning cup of coffee, Matthew suddenly leans over and whispers in a low voice: "Mommy...Peter Parker is Spider-Man."


While on our way back from the grocery store one day, Matthew had been uncharacteristically silent as if deep in thought. Suddenly, he spoke up from the back seat: "Mary Jane, Mommy."
"Mary Jane? Who is Mary Jane, Matthew?" I asked, confused.
"Peter Parker loves Mary Jane."

These Spider-Man revelations are weighing heavily on his little mind.


While at the Zoo one hazy Sunday afternoon, we took Matthew and Emma through the kangaroo exhibit where the kangaroos were very active, hopping and bouncing about. Paul got down to Matthew's level and points at one of the larger kangaroos making his way across the grass and says: "Look at the Kangaroo go Matthew!"
Matthew looks at Paul with a look that screamed "you are so stupid" and condescendingly said: "No Daddy...nooo! Not Kangaroo! Big Rabbit!"

Rodents of unusual size? I don't think they exist, Matthew.


And while sitting on the potty...

"Mommy? Curious George pooped."
"Curious George pooped?"
"Yes, Mommy."
"Curious George poops on the potty like Matthew, right?"
"No Mommy. Curious George poops in a tree."
"No...not in a tree Matthew. In the potty."
"No in a tree. Matthew poops in a tree!" he declares with wide eyes and a creepy little smile.

I now fear for all the vegetation in our yard.

~ ~ ~

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  1. Posts like this make me excited for when Luke starts talking and saying funny things. Although I am thoroughly enjoying this baby stage for now!