Friday, August 23, 2013

7 Quick Takes: The Week in Review

Linking up with Jen for 7 Quick Takes Friday! This has certainly been a busy week in anticipation of our upcoming vacation. In fact, I should be packing right now but instead am choosing to blog because I hate packing. Here is a quick rundown of a couple highlights from this past week!


We took Matthew to see some trains at a local railway museum. They had an actual steam engine circa 1910 running on the tracks and we foolishly thought he would love to see it since he talks pretty much nonstop about Thomas the Train. However, the loud noises the steam engine made proved to be too much for him and he was pretty much terrified and begging to go home the whole time. Since we had taken a bit of a drive to get to the museum, we forced him to at least walk through the whole thing although he insisted that Paul hold him the entire time. He could not wait to get back into the car, although he did declare during the drive home: "I had fun at the train station!" 



Baby Emma has been rolling around a ton and scooting herself forward using her back feet. I don't think she really has a lot of control over these movements because she will randomly face plant and then have a bit of trouble recovering (she usually ends up wailing in frustration until someone comes to "rescue" her by flipping her back over). However, I do think it will only be a matter of time before she starts crawling. She spends a lot of time analyzing her big brother (who never stops moving) and I get the impression she is just itching to join him in his shenanigans. For now, I am enjoying her lack of mobility before I have two crazy children flying off the walls.


I am getting SO EXCITED because our trip to revisit our honeymoon location for our five year anniversary is in just a few days! However, I have been keeping an eye on the weather forecast and it looks like it will be raining the whole time! Selfish as it sounds, I have been praying like mad that the weather will clear up while we are there because Paul and I both get headaches from rain and persistent cloudiness. I really want this to be a great trip...and it should be because we'll be spending uninterrupted time together. But still. A little sunshine would be nice.


Matthew discovered that Baby Emma is not yet ready to catch a football. He had been tossing his football around while I cleaned up the bedroom. Suddenly, I heard him say: "Here Baby Emma, catch!" Before I could react, he beamed her in the forehead with the football. She just blinked a few times, obviously stunned. I flipped out a bit and asked Matthew since Baby Emma cannot walk, talk, feed herself, dress herself, or hold herself up why in heaven's name did he think she would be able to catch a football? 

His reply: "She has fingers."


On an episode of Sesame Street this week, Ricky Gervais was the guest star. I had to turn it off. I have major problems with crass, immoral celebrities being featured on children's shows. Nevermind the whole Elmo fiasco. I'll get off my tiny little soapbox now.


This week, Matthew and I have been baking up a storm in preparation for the bridal shower of my college roomie. Since we picked a gazillion blueberries last weekend, almost everything features blueberries - muffins, quickbreads, and scones. We also made a peach bread, an experimental loaf of banana bread, and a couple different roll recipes. I am done baking for a couple weeks and my freezer is STUFFED (and so is Matthew...goodness gracious that child can eat his weight in baked goods!).


Our washing machine has been broken for the last two weeks. This has been totally annoying. Several visits from the repairman and trips to the laundromat later, today it will finally be fixed! Luckily, Matthew has not had any accidents over this past week. Emma on the other hand is running out of clothes...

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