Monday, October 1, 2018

A Peek Inside Our Colorado Home

We have now lived in Colorado for nearly eight months. Things have finally settled down - my broken foot is completely healed and I'm back to running on it like normal, the baby has been born, our Pennsylvania home has sold, the kids are in school and loving it, and we are gradually getting to know more people in our church and neighborhood community. Life has been good and we are very blessed!

One of my friends suggested that I post a home tour on this here blog now that we have everything *mostly* set up and organized. I'm not going to show every nook and cranny, but I'll show off the main areas of the house so you can get the general sense of what our home is like! I already posted some pictures from our PA home when I was begging God to send us a buyer - and did he ever pull through for us! Now it's time to give y'all a peek inside our home in the Rockies!

Of course, we had to put up a flag in support of Notre Dame on the outside. Paul and I would be terribly disloyal alumni if we did not show our support during football season.

"Welcome to our home!" says little miss Lucy. She's always ready and willing to hold the door open for me. This is the entrance from the garage. We have a bench there to force all the children to take off and leave their stinky little shoes by the door. Ironically, they normally sit on the floor and ignore the bench.

View from the garage doorway.

As you walk in from the garage, you can look to the right and see the main doorway into the house as well as the french doors leading into the office.

If you take a left, you can walk towards the kitchen and living room area. The stairs and my desk are located on your left as well as the doorway leading down to the basement.

Directly across from the stairs and my desk is our dining room.

Then we head into the kitchen. It's unusual to NOT find someone in here eating.

Ooops! Daniel got hungry while I was taking pictures. He's mashing up some cheerios now with his toothless gums and being stinkin' cute like normal.

Here are some views into the living room area.

Daniel got sick of eating so now he's having a story read to him by his big brother in the living room.

Let's head upstairs!

We have a loft that can serve as another family room space. It's basically the play room. It's a pretty awesome space because the kids can play up here and still see me working downstairs in the kitchen. This way, they feel like the can bug me still without physically being underfoot. It's awesome.

Guest bedroom that also functions as our baby room when guests are not in town. Best windows in the house are right here!

Emma and Lucy's bedroom. We are still sticking with the birds and owls theme.

Matthew's bedroom. A lot of Star Wars, LEGOs, and dinosaurs. Can you spot King Kong dressed as Davy Crockett? Or Matthew's ski boots out, cleaned and ready to hit the slopes this winter?

Jack and Jill bathroom located between Matthew's room and the girls' room. They love having a bathroom connected to their bedrooms. They also enjoy locking one another out of the bathroom.

Sliding barn door reveals bathroom and walk-in-storage closet.

Master bedroom. Too large for these two minimalists.

Daniel got tired and is now taking a well-deserved nap. A baby's life is so rough.

Master bath with an adjoining walk-in closet. I couldn't get a good picture of the vanity but it has two sinks which I am loving. We use that giant tub for bathing the youngest kids. Lucy loves it because it's practically a mini swimming pool for her!

That concludes our home tour! Friends and family are always willing to visit us at any time. Nuestra casa es su casa!


  1. You've been so blessed with such a beautiful home. Your sweet touches make this a cozy place to learn, grow, and most importantly love.

  2. I love seeing people's houses! Yours is beautiful. Maybe we'll visit...someday...maybe before you move. Hahaha.