Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to one and all!

First of all, thank you to all those who sent emails, notes, and messages of concern during my absence from blogging over the past month. Long story short, I caught a terrible, terrible illness and it completely wiped me of all my strength and I am STILL not quite myself. Hoping to gradually get back to my normal routine, which may take some time given the fact that I still can't go about a typical morning without feeling completely drained of energy by lunchtime. This makes me so grateful for my own health and the health of my family, as I know that I will be feeling 100% better soon. So, again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your concern!

What better way to begin blogging once more than with a small recap of our joyous Easter celebration? I tried really hard this year to explain to my children that Easter Sunday is the most important day of the year because without the resurrection we would have no hope for eternal life in heaven. Because of the resurrection, we should no longer fear death for death is just a passage into a new life with Christ. This concept did not go over so well with my kids - big surprise, considering I'm not sure I've grasped it myself! They kept arguing with me that Christmas is the most important celebration and I certainly remember feeling the same way as a child. Christmas celebrations are infinitely more grand, elaborate, and drawn out than those of Easter. There are presents, stockings, mounds of cookies, twinkling lights, and beautiful decorations everywhere you turn. On Easter, we eat hard-boiled eggs and receive a basket full of Peeps and a chunk of chocolate in the shape of a rabbit. It's still fun and all that, but not quite as awe-inspiring as Christmas morning. But it really is true - without the promise of Easter there is no hope for our lives, no promise of salvation. What a sad, frightening world it would be without the promise of eternal life!

We started off our Easter morning bright and early at Mass. The kids were extremely cooperative and well behaved - the perfect Easter gift for two tired parents! The girls let me comb their hair and dress them in their new spring dresses without a fuss and Matthew picked out a dizzying tie-and-shirt combination to proudly wear. We sat in the very front row where the running water from the baptismal font and the colorful flower arrangements adorning the altar kept the kids preoccupied for at least half the Mass. Afterwards, the girls showed off their dresses to our pastor while Matthew proudly informed everyone that he picked out his own outfit (as if there was any doubt!) and we headed home to take a few family photos. It's a tradition after all.

Lucy was less than cooperative. I tried to get a sibling photo but she wasn't having any of it. It looked like she was trying to give the camera the "Vulcan salute" in our family photo.

What she really wanted to do was attack her Easter basket. Lucy is all about chocolate. That cute little chocolate bunny we got her never stood a chance. She unwrapped it immediately and bit into its ears. It was devoured in less than five minutes.

I caught her munching on the remainder of her Easter goodies in the frame of our window seat. Paul is gradually building one for the kitchen and just has the framing done and Lucy has enjoyed gathering books, toys, or whatever she is currently playing with and sitting inside it. She calls it her "house". Well, she sat in her house consuming way more sugar than she should.

Which of course led to the afternoon sugar crash...

Lucy had little to no interest in our egg hunt. The other two kids were super pumped about it. The night before, the weatherman was predicting severe thunderstorms for the entirety of Easter Sunday for our area. The kids and I prayed that the weather would be sunny and beautiful so we could do our egg hunt outside and our prayers were answered! We had beautiful weather and sunshine all day with barely a drop of rain! It was a beautiful, beautiful day!

The highlight of the day for all the kids was being able to play outside together on the trampoline! The weather has finally been nice enough for us to set it up once more. Lucy was especially thrilled since she has been begging to go jump on the "ring-around-the-rosie" as she calls it, named after her favorite game to play on it with her big sister Emma. The kids have spent hours out there jumping on it since we set it up.

The highlight of the day for Paul and me was enjoying a glass of wine after the kiddos had gone to bed and watching our Easter gift to one another: the newly released Rogue One move. Such a great film!

How was your Easter Sunday?

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  1. That's a cute dress in your Easter picture! We just watched Rogue One recently too (of course)! Hope you are back to feeling normal soon!