Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Lucy's First Feast Day

The Feast of Saint Lucia is traditionally held on Sunday, December 13th. My family always observed this day by eating a candlelit breakfast in bed that was served by one of the girls of the house - usually Adrienne although I remember Catherine and Sophie taking turns with it. For some reason, I really don't remember ever playing the role of Saint Lucy although I did participate in the baking of the breakfast treat once I hit high school. Paul and I have continued celebrating this feast day with our own family. However, this year we have an even greater reason to celebrate since it's also the feast day of our own chunky, lovable, sweet little Lucy!

It was one year ago this week that we first found out via ultrasound that we were going to be having a baby girl. We had already picked out our baby names - Wyatt for a boy and Lucy for a girl - and only needed to know which one to start using in reference to our growing baby. I was thrilled to find out we were having another little girl, not because I would not have been overjoyed at the idea of another boy, but rather because I had always, from the moment I discovered I was pregnant, thought the baby was a girl. In my mind, she was already our Lucy. After the ultrasound confirmed our suspicions, we happily named her and the older two began praying for "baby Lucy" during nighttime prayers. I think our parents were also secretly thankful that we were not having a baby named Wyatt. Be warned...it's still on the queue for future babies!

Lucy's feast day fell on a Sunday this year, so we went to early Mass and then came back to eat a special breakfast. I had prepped the Walnut Twist (aka "Wreath"), a marvelous braided sweet bread that my Mom always makes for special breakfasts, the night before and left it to rise on the counter while we were at Mass. Once we arrived home, I slid it into the oven where it baked away while Paul prepared a sausage and egg scramble. When the bread was finished, I drizzled the brown butter glaze over the top and then everyone was called to the table to feast. Paul and I choked down mugs full of very strong coffee made by Matthew - it's his job to make the coffee in the morning and he got distracted while prepping it this time and put in close to 10 scoops of coffee instead of the required six - while the kids enjoyed steaming cups of hot cocoa and marshmallows.

Our little lady of the hour enjoyed breakfast very much because she got to sit on mommy's lap the entire time. She was wild about the Walnut Twist. I kept feeding her bits of it and she could not get enough - especially the brown butter frosting. I can't blame her. It's pretty much the greatest treat ever. There is a reason my family makes it for Christmas breakfast, Easter breakfast, etc. I'm planning on posting the recipe later this week. This treat deserves a post of its own! It's that good.

Happy Feast Day, Lucy! We hope that you will follow in the example of your namesake and always love God, follow His will, and one day be a saint in heaven. We love you - you bring us such indescribable joy!

A selfie with your sister Emma who is your biggest fan!


  1. I love Emma's "bracelet!" haha That bread looks amazing--I am looking forward to the recipe! Happy Feast Day, Lucy!

  2. How fun! And how special you found out about Lucy being a girl around her feast day!