Friday, September 18, 2015

Dolls from Heaven

Emma, as tough and outspoken though she may be, can be quite nurturing when it comes to her baby dolls. She loves to rock them and sing to them and change their diapers. One time, I actually caught her "changing" her babies diaper and using up an entire, brand-new package of wipes in the process. That must have been one explosive imaginary diaper.

The other day, Emma was upstairs quietly playing with her dolls. I had just peeked in on her as she sat on the floor, gently putting the shoes onto her little bitty baby. Once I headed back downstairs, I began to add "bitty baby accessories" to the electronic Christmas gift list I keep on file for the kids so I can jot down things as I think of them throughout the year because, let's be honest, I'm apt to forget things these days. As I was typing the addition to the list, Emma suddenly appeared at my side holding just the head of her bitty baby.

"Ahhh! Emma! What happened to your doll?" I asked, startled to witness this mildy disturbing sight.

Emma held up the decapitated baby head: "I broke my baby doll! Her head fall off!"

Well, I guess that was an obvious explanation. Turns out, the bitty baby head is held onto the body by a string that is tightly tied at the top of the neck, holding the head into place but allowing it to move from side to side. Emma had noticed the string and managed to untie it. No worries, I got the head back into place and used a sailor's knot to secure the head. Have fun untying that one, Emma!

Speaking of dolls, I would like to draw your attention to a new venture called "Dolls from Heaven" of which I've recently become aware. The company was started by a Catholic family who desired to create dolls that would inspire children to become saints. The plan is to release dolls representing several great saints of the church, beginning with their premiere doll Therese of Lisieux. The dolls would come dressed in clothing reminiscent of the saint along with a book detailing their story. The Therese doll, to be released in November, will come with a Carmelite habit and a children-friendly book based on her autobiography Story of a Soul. Their plan is to make several more dolls designed after saints, including Saint John Paul the Great, Saint Bernadette, Saint Francis, and Joan of Arc. I love this idea and think this would make a fabulous first communion gift for any little girl (or boy for the male dolls!). I'm already planning on ordering one of the Saint Therese dolls to tuck away for Lucy's first communion since her middle name is in honor of this wonderful saint.

Girls certainly love their dolls, so why not give them one that will encourage them to love and honor God with their whole heart and soul?

If you're looking for a wonderful gift for your children, grandchildren, or godchildren, consider supporting "Dolls from Heaven." Please visit their website at or click here to pre-order the Saint Therese doll.

With the recent decapitation of her baby doll, Emma has proved that she is not quite ready for a doll this nice, but I would love to gift her one of these in the near future.

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  1. Laughing at Emma and the head incident. Luke's been asking lately to take his own head off...not sure where that comes from? And those dolls are great! Like holy American Girl dolls, right? I'd definitely be interested if we have a girl and they have the right doll!