Monday, March 9, 2015

Scenes from My Sister's Wedding

As a followup to my post about being fitted for a bridesmaid dress while pregnant, I wanted to share a few pictures from my sister's wedding. It has been several weeks - almost seven! - since my sister Catherine and her husband Matthew were married. The newlyweds received all their photographs from the big day and graciously shared some with me that I am now sharing with you!

Matthew and Aunt Catherine. She is one of his favorite people. He told her that she looked like
Elsa and I looked like Anna. That's a high compliment from a child.

Emma and her Aunt Catherine

Bridesmaids + the gorgeous Bride!

As you can see from the pictures, I am wearing a bridesmaid dress. And the zipper was fully zipped up in the back - my greatest worry of the day. I had many jokes about having a volleyball or basketball hidden under my gown throughout the night. They were not so funny after a while. The photographer gave me a whole list of tips on how to stand to "hide" my blossoming midsection. I told him not to worry about it because short of me standing behind a nick-high planter for every picture, there was no ensconcing the fact that I had either eaten 12 large pepperoni pizzas, developed a massive hernia, or was simply harboring a growing baby. The bulge was pretty noticeable. And why would I really want to hide it anyway? I'm not ashamed to be pregnant.

Dorky picture of my siblings and parents with the new Mr. and Mrs.
This is one of those dorky poses where we were all supposed to be laughing it up.
I think Susanna (to the left of the bride in the front with the flowers) is the
only one truly taking it seriously.

The wedding was beautiful, fun, and a great party with so many friends and family. Catherine was such a gorgeous bride. She glowed the entire day! It was nice to see her Matthew in a suit. He usually can be found sporting a very tight t-shirt. A polo shirt if he's feeling extra fancy. Can you tell I love to tease him?


All the girls - my sisters, my daughter, and my mother!

The kids were exhausted by the end of the night - and rightfully so! They both loved the food, the drinks (unlimited milk and pop - what?!?) and the music. Emma surprised me by how much she loved to get down on the dance floor. She spent most of the night in hot pursuit of my brother Bruce for slow dance after slow dance. She got really jealous if anyone else was dancing with him. One of these days, she'll realize he's her uncle and not just her cute seven-year-old boyfriend.

Emma was really into the cupcakes. She ate about four, I think.

Toasting the couple. I got Catherine to laugh - so it was a success!

Matthew (my little Matthew - not the groom - man, this is going to get confusing!) was so super sweet and affectionate to me during the reception because he had missed me so much during the day. After dinner was over and I was able to rejoin my husband and children, Matthew never left my side. When the music started playing, he only wanted to dance with his mommy. Paul called it "Oedipal." I found it sweet and endearing. I know I won't be his favorite person in the world forever!

My favorite picture of the whole day was probably our family photo. It is crazy how much everyone has grown. I feel as if we were all so young for so long (I remember feeling like I was stuck at the age of 9 for forever!) and then all of a sudden everyone just grew up, went to college, and became adults with significant others, children, careers, and mortgages. One thing will never change: we all love each other very much and will always remain close.

My Family!
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  1. Looks like a beautiful weeding!!
    Chelsea @

  2. I love sister weddings! My favorite weddings to attend after our own!

  3. Looks like your dress fit perfectly after those crazy alterations! You all look so beautiful...or handsome ;) I know how you feel about everyone growing up but the love staying the same. We are so blessed, Monica. Congrats to your sister! -Jess