Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Five Favorites: The Kid Edition

While I'm still not feeling up to baking and cooking or even thinking about food, there is no reason why I should not update everyone on what's going on with the kids by linking up with all the other lovelies for another Five Favorites post. The children are as busy as ever and already lamenting the cooler weather we've been having. They miss playing outside all the time! Here is a quick collection of their recent favorite toys and distractions.

1. Davy Crockett

Everyone remembers this Disney classic, right? Matthew and Emma have both been really into these movies lately. Since we are some of the only people on this earth who still have a VHS player, our family has bequeathed us various VHS movies from our childhood. Paul's parents gave us both Davy Crockett movies and our kids have been hooked since the first viewing. I was really surprised that the movies actually amuse Emma as well, but she will bring me one of the cases asking: "Crockett? Crockett?" I wish I was joking.

Matthew sings the theme song every day - while getting dressed, while using the bathroom, while cleaning his room. All the time. He's been singing it so much, that I found myself dreaming while that song played through my mind. If his obsession continues until his next birthday, he might be getting a coonskin cap and a toy rifle.

Will Davy Crockett make it out of the Alamo?!?
*Spoiler Alert*

2. Baby Animals Book

This is Emma's favorite board book. She is obsessed with books anyway and will sit in my lap and let me read to her for hours, but this book has completely enchanted her. The pictures are super adorable of various baby animals. She is also into the concept of "babies" anyway, so I think it fascinates her to see what baby animals look like. Whatever it is, she sleeps with this book, insists on studying it like a textbook, and carries it with her pretty much everywhere. Sad reality is, we do not actually own this book. It is from the library, and I have just exhausted the maximum renewal limit (she's had it since June). We'll be returning it this week and I'll be trying to get her hooked back on Moo, Baa, LaLaLa - her previous favorite.

3. Magnetic Drawing Board

This toy is a blessing and a curse. Both kids love to doodle but sometimes end up coloring on surfaces they shouldn't. So, I got one of these drawing boards from the store - mainly for Emma, since she has the most difficulty - but Matthew has really fallen in loves with it. They use it constantly. And fight over it constantly! Matthew especially will get quite angry at Emma because he would have just finished drawing a "masterpiece" on it and they she'll come along and erase it. I try to explain to him that if he really wants to draw an important work of art, then he should not use a magnetic board to do so, but this normally does little to console him. This toy is currently hidden under my bed because I could not take another moment of their fighting over it this morning.

Sometimes they share. But inevitably....

....a fight ensues. Excuse the near-mooning from my son.

4. Pull Behind Ladybug

This is Matthew's torture device of choice for his little sister. While it is technically her toy (and she knows it!), he loves to use it to taunt her. He'll drag it behind him while calling: "Oh Emma! Over here! You can't get me!" And then he'll begin to run across the room with the noisy ladybug in tow while Emma runs to the best of her ability after him, arms outstretched Frankenstein-style, while screaming at the top of her lungs. I personally hate this game because they are SO LOUD, but there have been days where I've just stuck a couple plugs in my ears to mute the noise and then gone about my business because they're happy and I have to get a few things done.

5. Giant Stuffed White Bear

Referred to simply as "Bear" by Emma, this gigantic stuffed animal came to us by way of a gracious neighbor who was cleaning out her closets. It was so dirty when she handed it over that Paul wanted me to toss it immediately. However, Emma had taken such a fancy to it, that I instead opted to wash it and it came out looking perfectly white and clean! Emma carries "Bear" with her everywhere. She loves to lay on him, hug him, kiss him, sit in his lap (I wish I had a picture of that!), and read to him. She loves him to pieces. Matthew likes to steal Bear, hold him hostage, and make her mad.

That's all I've got for now! In the meantime, I'm itching to start baking with some pumpkin soon. If you have any new, unique pumpkin recipes you think I should try, please send them my way. I'm hoping to be feeling 100% by Halloween so I can bake my Mom's pumpkin dump cake. It's amazing.


  1. Emma's smile in the first bear picture really reminds me of Luke. He's also been really interested in babies lately and LOVES seeing pictures and talking about his baby cousin (6 months old). I wish we lived close enough for these two to play!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I like almost anything made with pumpkin except cookies because they're always soft and I like crunchy cookies. I came upon a pumpkin cookie recipe that used dried pumpkin powder to achieve a crunchy cookie. I might give it a try sometime. I've tried different pumpkin pie recipes over the years but, in the end, I like the recipe on Libby's can the best. I guess I'm just boring. I also like to use my oil pie crust recipe. I think it's a bit healthier than the usual pie crust made with butter but that's not why I use it. I really like the taste. So maybe I'm boring and strange. Anyway, I always enjoy your photos and posts. Matthew looks so big in the first photo.