Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ridiculously Easy Bunny Cupcakes for Easter!

Here is an easy Easter-themed cupcake craft that has been tested and approved by a hyper 4-year-old and his grumpy baby sister. This week, we wanted to bring cupcakes into the lady at the YMCA who does such a good job watching Matthew and Emma while I work out. Her birthday is the Monday after Easter, but we wanted to surprise her this week with some treats. Matthew suggested that we make some bunny cupcakes, so that's just what we did! I'm sharing this today just in case you also have an hour or two to kill while watching the clock slowly tick towards the kids' bedtimes.

First, bake a batch of cupcakes. We made carrot cake cupcakes. Delicious.

While the cupcakes bake, cut out ear shapes from card-stock. Ours were all so even and neat thanks to Matthew's mad skills with the scissors. We pasted some pink pieces of paper onto our white ones to try to make them look a little cuter. I'm not so sure it worked. In reality, it doesn't matter how neat or cute they look as long as they sort of resemble bunny ears.

Next, make a batch of frosting. We were super original and made a cream cheese frosting to go with our carrot cake cupcakes.

Finally, place some sweetened coconut flakes in a pie plate for the fur, pick out some pink jelly beans for the nose, and some chocolate chips for the eyes.

Frost the cupcakes, dip in the coconut, and decorate with the jelly beans, chocolate chips, and paper ears. You're done!

I think they look kind of cute. Matthew was quite happy with them. Emma ate two without complaint, so I think she approved. And now that it's finally bedtime (it's been a long day), they are all sticky, hyped up on sugar, and bouncing off the walls. Perfect.

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