Friday, March 21, 2014

Seven Super-Quick Takes

1. Emma turns her right foot inward when she stands or attempts to walk. To try to fix that bad habit, we bought her a pair of shoes. Matthew calls them her "Minnie Mouse shoes" and insists on always being the one to put them on for her.

2. Emma was totally rocking her "Shea Stadium" outfit today.

3. I'm getting ready to take down all the paper snowflakes we had decorating the windows during this horrendous winter. Although I'm worried that if I do, I might jinx us and wake up to another ridiculous snowstorm.

4. Have you heard of Coursera? I have been taking a couple classes online through them and am totally hooked. I just finished a nutrition course where I diligently listened to all lectures, meticulously completed all assignments, finished all my exams. and received a 105%. I'm still an overachiever.

5. Emma turns one on Tuesday of next week and I can barely believe it! I still remember walking around nearly two weeks over my due date thinking she was never going to show up. Matthew and I will be making a strawberry cake for our little pink princess on Tuesday. The cake flavor was Matthew's idea: "Emma needs a pink cake, Mommy!"

6. My sisters and I are trying to start an annual tradition of getting together for a "sister weekend." I will be hosting it at my home this year and Catherine has already volunteered to host at her house the following year. We are planning on getting our nails done, spending some time at the beach, making a yummy dessert together, and simply enjoying each other's company. I am beyond excited!

7. I am known for killing plants. Every plant I touched seems to instantly die (unless, of course, the problem is that I don't touch them at all and dehydration claims them). So, naturally, when Paul brought home a beautiful orchid (my favorite flower) for me last week, instead of being pleased I instantly broke out into a cold sweat. It's so beautiful...and certainly too young to die. I am definitely planning a call to my Mother-in-law to beg her for some tips and tricks for keeping this thing alive. Last summer during her visit, she showed us how to prune our new rose bushes and suddenly they started flowering and growing like mad. She has the magic touch.

Here is a picture of my beautiful plant as it appears this morning...

And here is a picture of what the future holds for my poor plant should I not get some serious help. It's stressing me out! I can't have the death of another potted organism on my conscience.

Well that's it for me. Head on over to Conversion Diary for more quick takes!


  1. Matthew is going to be a gentleman and a scholar, for sure. I've never been an orchid fan but your orchid is especially pretty; the color is gorgeous. The flowers remind me of butterflies. I had to laugh at the photo of what it could ultimately become. Plants are oftentimes killed with either kindness or neglect. Once you find out how to take care of it, I'm sure it will be fine. It would be nice to get updates occasionally. I always enjoy your posts.

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment! I will definitely keep you updated about the status of my orchid. The only mildly successful planting experience I have had was a Gerber Daisy a friend gave me for my birthday. I managed to re-pot it and got it to bloom twice before accidentally leaving it outside overnight when we had an early frost.That was a sad morning.

  2. Monica, water it lightly once a week, from the bottom preferably.. Mine like a sunny window. There will be months where there are no flowers, but you continue to water and eventually a new stem will form and flower. Some of mine have grown new shoots and flowered continually, others more sporadically. They are beautiful!
    Call me and we can talk more. Love, Mom

    1. I'll be calling you this week, Mom! Paul showed me the picture of the most recent blooms of your orchid and I could not believe how beautiful it looked!

  3. We just bought Luke his first pair of shoes today!! Exciting!
    I've had bad luck with orchids too. Killed the first one Matt bought me years ago and have gotten my second to rebloom twice but it's looking pretty dead right now...hoping it comes back soon? Hope you have better luck!

    1. Don't the shoes make babies look so much more grown up? They're so cute. Is Luke walking yet?