Monday, January 27, 2014

I Married Peyton Manning

I think Paul is a bit nervous by how much I am looking forward to the Super Bowl this year. The reason for his anxiety? Two words: Peyton Manning.

While we were in college, I had a huge, life-size poster of Peyton Manning on the wall of my dorm room. I used to joke to Paul that he and I were only a temporary couple until Peyton comes to his senses, realizing that I am his one true love, and gives me a call. Paul used to laugh along to this joke with me (and respond with similar comments about Jennifer Aniston), but really he felt a bit insecure about the whole thing. And honestly why shouldn't he? Peyton is a sports superstar who, despite being such a mega celebrity, has maintained a humble "average joe" demeanor.

But really, Paul should not feel threatened. Afterall, I only started dating him in the first place because he reminds me so much of Peyton Manning. And then I ended up marrying him (Paul...not Peyton. Obviously). But because they are so similar, in a way, I did marry Peyton Manning. To illustrate my point, here are just a few things my boys have in common:

1. The Hairline


Obviously, both guys began suffering from a migrating head of hair at a fairly early age. But who says that is a bad thing? I personally consider it an asset. Light shining off a balding forehead makes any room appear brighter! Not to mention, fewer haircuts? No anxiety over which way to part your luscious mane? Tons of money saved on shampoo? Win Win!

2. Athleticism

Peyton sure can throw a football. That is an undeniable fact. Paul isn't that great at throwing a football. You should see him play back yard flag football with my brothers. However, Paul sure can swing a racquetball racquet. So what if his opponents are normally middle aged men with gimp knees? My man is an athlete.

3. The Turned Up Lip

Isn't that cute. Who can resist that sexy look? I know I can't.

5. "The Pout"

When things don't go his way in a game, Peyton tends to pull out the pout face. Paul does the same, only he is normally pouting while scrubbing a toilet or angrily folding some laundry. Paul is the most productive busy bee when he is angry which is why sometimes our arguments are carefully timed so a lot of much-needed housework gets done. (I may or may not be kidding)

This was the best picture I could find.
It's hard to take pictures of an angry person because it
usually only makes them more angry.

6. The Love of Pizza

Peyton Manning loves Papa John's pizza. He loves it so much, that he opened his own franchise and regularly appears in commercials with Papa John himself. Paul also loves pizza. He could probably eat it every day of his life if given the choice (especially the Papa John's BBQ Chicken pizza...delicious).

A throwback picture of Matthew eating pizza is much cuter than a
picture of Paul eating pizza. Trust me.

7. All-Around Good Guys

On a slightly more serious note, both Peyton and Paul are good Christian men who love their faith and their families. Even though Peyton is always in the public eye, he continues to keep his personal life very private. However, his family regularly shows up at big games to support him and nobody was cheering louder than Peyton when his little brother Eli became a Super Bowl champion with the Giants in 2008 and 2012. Peyton has also spoken on occasion about the importance of his Christian faith. In the biography Manning: A Father, His Sons and a Football Legacy co-written with his father, Manning writes: "For me generally it had always been the big four: faith, family, friends, and football. And I tell all of them that as important as football is to me, it can never be higher than fourth. My faith has been number one since I was thirteen years old."

Paul is an amazing husband and father who has a remarkable love of God. He prays often and strives to live in the imitation of Christ in both action and word. I am so blessed to have such a faithful, loving, and tirelessly devoted husband. Did I mention he's an awesome Dad? That's why we're definitely having more kids!

The name of our next baby boy? Peyton M. Nistler. It's happening.


  1. Very entertaining comparison. Actually, I think your hubby is better looking. Jay Leno had a dog on his show that picked the winner of the Super Bowl three years in a row. He does it by breaking balloons. This year, of course, they were orange and blue. The last balloon standing is supposed to be the Super Bowl winner. Since you're a Bronco fan, and I hope they win too, we have to hope that the dog is wrong this time around.

  2. Hahahahaha...I loved this. I plan on wearing my Manning Colts jersey on Sunday. =)

  3. Monica, are you hinting at something? When's the next little cherub due?
    -Your Family ;)

  4. You'll make a saint out of Paul, yet!

  5. This was so funny! I told my son something like that about Ben Affleck at one time. He was engaged to Jennifer Lopez and I assured my son the wedding would never happen, it was all for publicity and I was Ben's secret fiancée. Imagine his surprise when the wedding was called off and he suddenly started nagging me to meet Ben, lol !! I love your sense of humor.