Wednesday, November 27, 2013

We Give Thanks!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I asked Matthew what he is thankful for. These were the answers I got...

Matthew: Jesus Loves Me.
Me: So, you're thankful for Jesus?
Matthew: And God.
Me: Jesus and God. That's good. What else?
Matthew: Thomas. Thomas is a train. He is a blue engine.
Me: So, you're thankful for Jesus, God, and Thomas?
Matthew: Yes.
Me: Are you thankful for Baby Emma?
[Long Pause]
Me: Matthew? Are you thankful for Baby Emma?
Matthew: Uh, nope.
Me: Are you thankful for Daddy? And Mommy?
Matthew: Daddy need to make a BIG turkey on the grill for Thanksgiving.

At this point he refused to answer any more questions. At least we know that he is thankful for Jesus before Thomas the train.

I just unpacked Matthew's little backpack that he takes with him to Religious Education each week and I found a craft that he made last Wednesday. It was a foam cross with little decorative squares pasted onto it. In each square, the child was supposed to write (or have the teacher write in the case of little 3-year-olds) something for which they are thankful. Matthew had dictated only one thing he was thankful for and it was written in big, black letters in a tiny square located at the very top of the cross: "Mom." My heart melted a bit when I saw that. He does love me!

As for Baby Emma...I'm pretty sure she is currently thankful for pumpkin pie filling. I had a little extra after making our pumpkin pie and baked it in a little ramekin. When she woke up from her nap, there was a perfect, petite little pie waiting for her. She gobbled it down so voraciously - I could barely spoon it into her mouth fast enough! She was pretty mad when she finished it. I tried my best to explain to her that she ate it all, but it's difficult trying to explain such a thing to a baby (they won't get it and will inevitably burst into tears because they truly believe that they have been cruelly cheated).

As for me, there have been so many blessings this year - certainly too many to count! The largest blessing by far was the safe delivery of our precious Emma Rose in March. She has enriched our lives more than I ever imagined. We love her so much and already find it difficult to believe there was a time without her!

I am thankful for my wonderful husband who loves and supports me selflessly...even during my worst moments (which sometimes way outnumber my good moments!).

I am thankful for my goofy little boy who brightens my day and brings meaning to my life. Even though we have had our struggles, he is still the sweetest, most darling little mama's boy in the world!

Matthew loves to help wash the cars!
I am thankful that my children have started to love playing together. It makes my heart so glad to see them interact with one another in such a gentle, loving way. I hope they will always remain close.

I am thankful for my crazy large family - I miss every single one of these people on a daily basis! It'd be great to plan a gigantic family reunion at some point.

I am thankful for my furry pet Reilly the Cat who chooses to nap right in front of the kitchen sink, forcing me to maneuver precariously about him while washing the dishes. Paul swears that if he skinned Reilly and made a tiny rug out of his fur and placed it right in front of the sink, we would never know the difference. In all seriousness, the kids majorly pester and annoy this cat and he has never once scratched or hissed at them. He just takes it! He's a good little cat.

I am thankful for wonderful friendships, yummy food, good health, and the beautiful snowfall happening right now. God has certainly blessed our little family abundantly this year! Tomorrow, we will eat and drink but more importantly we will reflect on the abundant blessings we have received.

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