Friday, October 11, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: October Already?

I cannot believe it is already October! I feel as if I blinked and we jumped over the entire month of September. That's only because it has been a crazy busy couple of weeks - filled with lots of visitors, road trips, weddings, and quiet moments enjoying this beautiful Fall season. Today, I am linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary to share some quick takes.

1. A few weeks back, Emma attended her very first bachelorette party. No worries - it was held at a pottery place where we were able to pick out a piece to paint while sipping champagne. It was a perfect, fun afternoon.

2. At the bachelorette party, I discovered that I really, really like [yellow tail] Bubbles Sparkling Rose. Emma discovered that she loves honey wheat pretzel twists. They were the perfect size for her to wrap her chubby little hands around. She got so mad whenever she dropped one.

3. Apple picking by yourself with a baby strapped to your chest and a toddler who refuses to walk more than 10 feet without begging to be held is very, very difficult. I have pretty ripped arms for a reason.

4. I finally bought new running shoes and our two month long epic search for the perfect shoe has ended. We both ended up with a nicer pair of Asics...and I love them! I've been squeezing in an average run of 5-8 miles per day and they have proven to be extremely comfortable.

5. Paul bought new shoes at the same time. He took about 3 hours at the shoe store to choose his pair (there was a lot of pacing, toe tapping, running in place at the store while I irritably tried to keep our 3-year-old nomad subdued). He finally decided on a pair of clunky, all-black shoes but then changed his mind when I told him they made him look like a geriatric. He then picked an expensive pair of Asics, purchased them, and then decided to return them a week later. He then bought the same exact pair online, but ordered the wrong size. So his shoe saga continues. I think he is secretly trying to avoid running with me.

6. My college roommate married the love-of-her-life last weekend in a beautiful Catholic ceremony that brought me to tears. The love between her and her husband radiated throughout the entire room. They both have pretty large families and everyone was so welcoming, accommodating, and fun. I have shared some incredible times with this girl and felt so honored to be part of her special day. Matthew tore it up on the dance floor the ENTIRE reception. His favorite part of the whole day was sharing a special dance with the bride herself ("I dancing with Aunt JEN!"). Watch out, Pat!

7. In the past week, I have been mocked no fewer than 10 times by people approximately 30+ years my senior for my "dinosaur phone." It is one of those basic, basic chunky flip phones that NOBODY has anymore. I do not text or have any sort of data package. It's just a phone. A 60-something-year-old lady told me that it was time for me to "get with it." Thoughts?

Well, that's it for me! I will be posting some delicious Fall treats in the next few days..but in the meantime, head on over to Conversion Diary to enjoy some more quick takes!

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