Friday, July 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Aches and Pains

Coffee on the beach. A favorite activity for Matthew and I.
This is my first time linking up with Jen and all the other fantastic bloggers for 7 Quick Takes Fridays!

1. I have been slowly getting my running groove back post-pregnancy. It has been a bit of a process since all my ligaments, tendons, and muscles were so messed up. After each run, I had a different ache to deal with. The scariest one was feeling as if my hamstrings were about to snap. Thankfully, that one did not last long and disappeared after a little rest and regular stretching.

2. Still on the topic of running, my lovely hubby has begun is own running regimen. This makes me so happy since I have been trying to get him to run with me for years. Unfortunately, he has very flat feet. Seriously, his arches are nonexistent - ducks have more defined arches. As a result, he has been having some trouble finding a stride that is comfortable and has been complaining of pretty nasty shin pain from having his feet slap against the pavement.

3. Since we both have fairly worn out running shoes, we have been blaming all our aches and pains on insufficient footwear. We decided to head out to buy a couple pairs of shoes that would fit our feet well and maybe give Paul a little bit of an arch. We headed up to a specialty shoe store that has a Certified Pedorthist on staff, hoping they could recommend an appropriate pair of shoes for the two of us. After spending a lot of time telling Paul that he was basically going to paralyze himself unless he bought their specialty orthotics and recommended pair of New Balance shoes (she kept stressing the added bonus that New Balance is still 100% Made in America!). She also told me that I should be running with a stiffer shoe even though I have always preferred a fairly flexible running shoe. Well, we both were dumb and totally bought into her sales pitch and walked out with over $250.00 worth of merchandise. "These shoes better be the best darn shoes we've ever worn for that price," Paul whispered as we walked out of the store.

4. Four days later, we returned the shoes. We were really lame about the whole thing and tried to sneak into the store without being noticed by the Pedorthist who had sold the shoes to us in the first place. We chose to return them because Paul and I both thought they were way too stiff and super uncomfortable. The shoes also really tried to get us to smack the pavement with our heels rather than the balls of our feet, making us feel an unbearable pain in our hips. We are definitely going to keep using Asics since we like their flexibility and cushioning. While I would love to support a product that is made 100% in America, the quality has to match the super high price tag.

5. Enough about running. As some of you may know, my son Matthew has a little monkey puppet that he has carried around since he was 11 months old. He never sleeps without it, takes it everywhere with him, and has given it so much love that the eyes have been rubbed completely away. Yesterday, Matthew received a friend for his monkey - a little plush version of Curious George. Now the three of them are inseparable. Matthew is so happy that his monkey has a friend - and it was the best $5 donation to charity I've ever made (Kohls Cares for Kids has the Curious George stuffed animals and books available for $5 and 100% of the proceeds to go charity!).

He wanted the monkeys to watch him eat breakfast. Kind of creepy if you ask me.
He does NOT want me to take the tag off. Maybe he shares his mother's
compulsive nature for returning items?
6. My baby girl is super fat. In a good way. Matthew was always pretty thin so it feels great that Emma is blowing up like a balloon. Her new nickname, thanks to Matthew, is "chunky monkey".

"Chunky Monkey" awaiting her bath!
7. Paul and I are taking a trip to celebrate our 5 year anniversary! We booked the trip just a few days ago and then sat there planning out all the things we wanted to do. We are both so excited. Of course, we will be taking the baby with us so we will have to be attentive to her needs during the trip, but it is rather fitting because our children are outwards signs of our love for God and one another. That doesn't mean we will be taking our 3-year-old with us. He will have much more fun hanging out with his grandparents, aunts, and uncles while we are away.


  1. Oh my goodness was cute kiddos you have! :) Welcome to the link up.


    1. You're so sweet! They are a lot of work but so much fun - I enjoy being a Mom about 90% of the time!

  2. Replies
    1. I'm going to be sad when he outgrows his love for the monkey. It's so cute how that thing has been at his side for over two years now!

  3. Our Leo is a total chub too and we alternate between calling him "chunky monkey" and "chunkaluck"

  4. How on Earth were the New Balance that much?? Unless you got fancy orthotic inserts. I get mine at Kohls on sale for $40-50. Rip-off either way unless she put you on a treadmill and analyzed your running stride. Doesn't sound like it though if they hurt that bad!

    And Emma doesn't look chunky from those photos! Just average - I don't see any rolls. ;)

    1. Oh Alicia, we got so ripped off at that store because the shoes had all the "bells and whistles" that the varieties carried at Kohls or JCPenney do not have (apparently...I was not impressed!). I'm going back to my usual Asics that cost me about 45 bucks.

  5. What a little sweetie! My second is long and thin, but much chunkier than my first little (preemie) was, so I rejoice in the chubby little cheeks and the start of some rolls on her legs.

    1. I love chubby babies! It makes me feel great that she is so healthy and happy. My sister was a preemie as well (born at 25 weeks) and she was so thin and tiny for the longest time. She is now 14 and entering high school next year!