Thursday, June 13, 2013

On Marriage

Today, I am guest posting for the lovely Tess over at Little House in Chicago. I first met Tess when she was a freshman just beginning her studies at Notre Dame and I was a senior preparing to graduate. She was so spunky and fun to talk to and absolutely thrilled to learn that I was engaged and planning a wedding. Now, Tess herself is a newlywed, having married Frank, the love of her life, just a little less than two weeks ago. She asked a few married friends to provide some posts for her blog while she honeymoons and settles into life as a married woman! I wrote a little reflection on how important it is to continue to date your spouse even when other aspects of life (work, children, etc.) get in the way of making time for one another.

So please, head over here to wish Tess and Frank a heartfelt congratulations on their marriage. She has some pictures posted from her beautiful wedding that are simply stunning. While you are there, read through some of Tess' posts. She's an amazing writer!