Friday, September 16, 2011

My Favorite Little Guy

I just have to declare that my little boy is the BEST. We have had a great day so far and he is currently taking a peaceful nap upstairs in his crib. Check in another day, and I might not be so gleeful. However, for today, here are just a few of the things that I find so lovable about my baby boy:

1) He looks so much like his Daddy, my other absolutely favorite person in the world.

2) He loves to laugh and loves to be tickled.

3) He loves to help/watch me bake and is always the first person to try a piece.

4) He loves to give kisses and loves to hug my legs so tightly that it is nearly impossible to walk properly.

5) He is always asking me to read to him. He intently watches my mouth form the words to the story and then silently imitates the motion with his own lips. Too cute.

6) He has the sweetest little high pitch voice that makes any word sound so adorable. When he wants something, you can hear him say: "Me Me?"

7) He loves fruits and vegetables and turns his nose up at most cuts of meat.

8) He loves to watch the coffee pot brew in the morning while continually chanting "Caaawww! Caaaaawww?" We think he's trying to say coffee.

9) He loves to tear apart the cabinet that holds all the cooking appliances, such as the blender, the mixer, the espresso machine, and the waffle iron. As much as this habit annoys me from time to time, I actually find it super cute and comforting to know that he is perfectly content to explore that cabinet while I cook on the other side of the counter.

10) He is an absolute joy to watch as he plays, explores, and discovers. Watching him grow has been one of the greatest, most rewarding things I have ever experienced.

I love my little Matthew Patrick!

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