Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Shut-In Family

Since Christmas Day, we have been afflicted with multiple illnesses. Scratch that, since the beginning of December Paul and Emma have been passing a cold back and forth with Matthew and I finally falling ill right after Christmas Day. Then, the entire family came down with a nasty stomach bug while Emma continued to struggle with an ear and throat infection. We've been spending our days shut inside (the weather has been nasty anyways) lying about, feeling miserable and completely sorry for ourselves.
The little sickies preparing for yet another movie. This time with popcorn.
The kids have been complete slugs. They wake up looking as if they haven't slept a wink, refuse to eat anything for breakfast, lay on the couch for a few hours staring at the television, and then go back to sleep for the rest of the day. Paul and I have been doing pretty much the same thing. That and struggling with the monster that Emma has become. When Matthew gets sick, he turns into the sweetest, most cuddly child ever. However, sick Emma is a beastly diva who whines constantly, cries nonstop, hits, and screams until her face turns a disturbing shade of crimson. It's almost as if she is infuriated by whatever virus or infection is slowing her down and takes her aggression out on everyone (and thing) in sight. I left her on the floor throwing a huge tantrum after bathing her (I struggled to clothe her first - that was fun) and she kicked and screamed for nearly an hour before coming downstairs to announce she was thirsty. Big surprise.

On the food front, I have pretty much not cooked a thing since Christmas Day. I escaped to the grocery store during one of the days and came home with a billion cans of soup. Each meal, we line the soup cans out on the counter-top and have each person choose the type they want. We've pretty much lived off scrambled eggs and canned soup since January 1st. Paul was pleased to report that this "New Year's diet" has already helped him lose five pounds according to his weigh-in at the doctor's office a couple days ago. I, however, only continue to gain weight no matter what food I put into my mouth. Ahh, pregnancy.

Would you like Minestrone, Chicken Noodle, or Vegetable Beef?
Speaking of the pregnancy, all continues to be going well. I finally switched offices and am now back with the midwife that delivered Emma. The baby is moving around a lot and appeared perfectly healthy, although measuring large according to the latest ultrasound. I wish I could sleep through the rest of the pregnancy. I've been so exhausted. That's one thing I do well right now: Whine, whine, whine.

Wine sounds good. Not for four more months.

Little girls with ear infections still love popcorn!
Hopefully, we'll all be back to normal soon and I'll have something more interesting to blog about. Until then, I still think Campbell's Chicken Noodle is the best even though it is very lacking in noodles. And chicken.


  1. Oh that's rough! Hope you are all feeling back to normal soon!

  2. Emma looks downright pleasant in those photos. Hope you and family are on the road to recovery. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and drinking kefir every day to keep my immune system healthy, but it seems everyone around me is sick!