Thursday, October 9, 2014

First Haircuts

Emma had her first haircut the other day!

However, this trim was neither planned nor wanted.

Matthew has been bringing home pages for him to practice cutting with scissors. The pages have various diagonal lines and shapes drawn in thick black marker for him to cut out using his kid scissors. The other day, both him and Emma were engrossed in The Animal Alphabet. Emma was down on the floor near the television playing with blocks while she watched and Matthew was up at the table practicing with the scissors. Paul and I were cleaning the kitchen after breakfast.

A few minutes later, Paul glanced over to see Matthew and Emma standing next to one another in front of the television, completely engrossed in the program. Matthew had the scissors in his hand. Emma was wearing a tight, Alfalfa-style pony tail on the top of her head. As if in slow motion, we saw Matthew glance at Emma's ponytail and, with an impish grin spreading across his face, swiftly snip off the tip of it with his scissors. Emma, still completely engrossed in The Animal Alphabet, did not care or notice when little bits of her fine, brown hair came raining down. But Paul and I freaked!

We sent that naughty child up to his room and told him the scissors were off limit for the time being. After he had shut the door and was out of earshot, we both started laughing. It was funny! And honestly, Emma is such a wild child right now with her hair anyway that this trim is hardly that noticeable. However, I want to drive the point home to Mr. Matthew that he really should not ever try to play barbershop on his sister again - next time he might completely bald her!


  1. Monica, I'll never forget the weekend I watched Ali, Jake, Peter, Paul, and Amy for a weekend. Right as Rose and Steve pulled into the drive, Amy found a pair of scissors and chopped her hair. No time to react, to remedy the situation, or anything - in they walked while I processed the shock and tried to deflect the blame. I am amazed at how gracefully you handled the situation. Are those cute pictures of Emma actually post haircut? Good luck...and I hope she never does it to herself.

  2. Haha! This is great. It seems that every family has a similar story. A certain sister's experiment with scissors and her sisters' dolls has gone down in infamy in our house.