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Monday, May 14, 2012

TWD: Pecan Sticky Buns

This is my first ever Tuesdays with Dorie post!  I am so excited to be baking my way through Baking with Julia with the many other fabulous food bloggers in the Tuesdays with Dorie group.

The recipe this week was for Pecan Sticky Buns by Nancy Silverton.  I actually recall watching the particular episode of the PBS series Baking with Julia where Nancy demonstrates how to bake these delectable pieces of buttery heaven.  And buttery they are.  I completely lost track of how many sticks of butter were tossed into these.  Nor did I really want to know because I really really wanted to taste one of these straight out of the oven without thinking about how many hours I would have to put in at the gym in order to melt the additional butter from my thighs.

These took quite a bit of time.  They were incredibly easy to make but did involve quite a few steps and a lot of waiting time that made the process a bit tedious.  I began them on Saturday night by making the brioche dough.  I then let the brioche chill overnight and then got up early on Sunday to fill, cut, and bake the buns.  They came out of the oven around 10:00 AM and my husband and son were eagerly waiting, mouths drooling and forks in hand, ready to try one.  How disappointed they were when I proceeded to take a few pictures of the finish product before they were allowed to "dig in."

However, they both agreed that these buns were worth the wait.  The brioche dough tastes more like a beautifully buttery croissant and the buns themselves were not overly sweet.  They were a rather refined version of a sticky bun (if that makes any sense whatsoever!).  Matthew gobbled down his portion as quickly as his little mouth could chew and then raised his plate and asked me, with his little cheeks still full:  "More?"

Paul took the leftover buns into work with him this morning.  He called to tell me that everyone was raving about how wonderful they tasted.  If I keep sending baked goods in with Paul, I have a feeling that I will become quite popular around the office!

Thanks to our hosts Lynn of Eat Drink Man Woman Dogs Cat and Nicole of Cookies on Friday for hosting this week's recipe!  If you want to try your hand at this fabulous recipe, the full recipe is posted by both of these lovely ladies at their respective sites.  Or you could pick up your own copy of Baking with Julia - it would make a fine addition to any cookbook collection!


  1. I agree these buns would put anyone high on the popularity stakes!! loved them... and yours turned out beautiful!!

  2. Welcome in the group! I've joined in March and love it!
    With this recipe we surely gained experience (and probably weight as well)
    I've cheated on the butter and the brioche was still yummy (it needs more salt and sugar, though). Unfortunately I did not like the topping: too sticky.
    I'll remake the "modified brioche" for sure.

  3. Mathew is adorable eating his sticky bun! Its nice you have somewhere to send your baked goods where they are so appreciated.

  4. Welcome.. this is only my second TWD.. my sticky buns are in the oven right now (laaast minute), and I hope they turn out as lovely as yours. Nice photos!

  5. Beautiful photos! Looking forward to future posts. Welcome to the group!

  6. I do like the buttery layers like a crissount. Yours look delicious.

  7. Thank you for the kind words, everyone! I'm very much looking forward to the many baking adventures we all have ahead of us as we make our way through the rest of the book!

  8. welcome to TWD! I hope you'll find it as rewarding and fun as I feel about it. as long as you have some family, friends or neighbors to help, the extra calories won't be a problem! ;)

  9. Beautiful! My boys loved them as well.

  10. Welcome aboard!
    Lovely job. I am sure you will be a hit with all of the treats from this group.